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Here’s How Apple Could Send Its Stock Soaring By 27% This Year


Here’s How Apple Could Send Its Stock Soaring By 27% This Year

The Apple corporation does not suffer any downs and falls currently, and from time to time it manages to surprise the customers with improved technologies and enhanced user experience. However, many investors and stockholders doubt that the company will be able to report the 1 trillion $ market value, considering that the demand for smartphones slowly decreases.

However, some experts disagree. According to the Apple representatives, a range of new services will be offered in the year 2019. These new services will attract even more customers to the company, and therefore the revenue and the value of stocks is expected to grow considerably. According to the set expectations, the service of video streaming will make the revenue continuously grow through 2025, and this is huge money and huge value.

By the end of the previous year, the company feared its earning will not fall in with expectations, but eventually, all fit, so the company feels much safer now. It also allows suggesting that the company is able to make pretty much exact and correct expectations and that the strategy generally meets the needs of the customers and the conditions on the market.

One of the main barriers to Apple’s success is China – yes, the whole country – with its technological innovations, especially in the area of smartphones and laptops. There are so many Chinese companies, and they provide so many products, and it has to be accepted that their products are of such high quality, that the local customers rarely prefer American phones.

While for an average company, to lose the Chinese market, which is huge, would mean a great loss, for Apple, this is not such a big deal one can suggest. They are confident in their customers and product currently and are working on new features and services. If there are any downs in sales, this looks more like stabilization of the situation, rather than a problem. So the value of the stock is expected to rise slightly rather than decrease. It all indicates that the company works toward increased revenue, and the stockholders have nothing to worry about.

While for some non-expects, a temporary decrease in sales means fail, but the Apple corporation is too stable to suffer from such episodes. Experts predict a rise in revenue due to new services.

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