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Elvira Gavrilova, Chief Editor for the Ukrainian magazine that Europe is reading

Updated Financoff is conquering the European market


Elvira Gavrilova, Chief Editor for the Ukrainian magazine that Europe is reading

Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor for Financoff, a monthly business gloss magazine, believe: to make publication contemporary, able to cover burning topics and attract new readers, you should keep up with new trends and delve into every detail of the issue.

After re-branding, the Ukrainian magazine successfully entered the European market. In the interview, Elvira spoke about her criteria for good news media, qualities of a really good editor, and how to create a magazine that all Europe will read.

 Elvira, could you tell us where and how did you get the skills of a journalist?

E.G. I have always been interested in this field so after high school I decided to study journalism. I entered the Kyiv Mohyla Academy, school of international relations and journalism. After defending my Master’s thesis, I got a job with a well-known financial company, where I worked in the marketing department. While working there, I gained useful knowledge in sales and media production, which is very helpful to me, as a chief editor now.

 “It is important to take side with a reader”, Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor for the business gloss 

Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor who follows the trends and keeps in steps with the times

 In your opinion, what qualities should a good editor have?

E.G: A good editor can always see things like an ordinary reader and first thinks about his audience. It is my guiding rule. The publication must meet the needs of a target audience, it should be interesting to read and diverse in coverage. But we got the last point in this list only after re-branding. Money Plus (former name of Financoff – ed. note) was a financial newspaper focused on a narrow audience and domestic use. Not only the name and design have changed, the thematic scope has expanded as well. It was important for me to attract a wide audience so, in addition to the focus area – finance, we are writing about culture, travelling, show biz news, and release interviews with influential individuals. However, if you want to get a high-quality product, you must delve into the details, understand the entire process of creation, introduce something new, and make experiments. I know that firsthand.

You have mentioned the interview section in Financoff. Who gets on the respondent list and how do your meetings usually go?

 E.G: We don’t have any specific selection criteria. These may include celebrities involved in various events, owners of big business, public figures and representatives of the political elite – as I have already said, our business gloss is multifaceted. As an example, because of a project of mine I visited the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine where the deputes and I discussed programs for support and development of the younger generation. I managed to communicate with Andrey Vadatursky, Oleg Lyashko, Anton Kiss. During the meetings I feel comfortable and open, regardless of the conversation subject, I have my questions ready but rarely stick to the list precisely. I think my diplomatic training partially helps me.

 Work done is just the beginning of a change

Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor for a leading finance business gloss.

After everything you managed to accomplish with Financoff , is there still room for improvement?

E.G: The gloss has a new design, we did rebranding, expanded its thematic scope but this is not the full list of what I have intended to do. Currently, I am putting forth efforts to further expand thematic scope and launch this monthly edition in the European market. Financoff is available in two languages: Ukrainian and English for foreign readers in Poland, Vietnam, Mexico, the UK, and more recently in Italy. We are also targeting Portugal and Monaco: distribution agreements have already been reached. Entering foreign markets is a big leap forward. Moreover, it is an excellent evidence that Ukraine is producing a quality product.Elvira, thank you for the interview and wish you continued success and achievements both for Financoff and your other projects. For the readers who want to learn more about Elvira, please follow a link to Elvira Gavrilova’s personal site.

Elvira Gavrilova knows how to interest readers of the magazine
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