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Bogdan Terzi: the marketing expert speaks about the reasons why your business needs “agents of influence”

Over 90% of people trust the tips from an influencer, says Bognad Terzi, the marketing expert


Bogdan Terzi: the marketing expert speaks about the reasons why your business needs “agents of influence”

B. T.: It’s not an easy job to win the trust of even one person while winning the trust of thousands or millions seems unreal. But not for today influencers – the opinion leaders who know how to communicate with the audience thus having a tremendous influence on it. Experienced marketing experts have long been using this goldmine which year in and year out earns good money for the brands. The distinguishing features of Influencer Marketing are spoken about by Bogdan Terzi, the marketing expert and the business expert, the head of the advertising agency Amillidius, the creator of numerous projects.

Influencer Marketing is improved word-of-mouth, believes Bogdan Terzi, the business expert. 

Bogdan Terzi, the marketing expert, is sure that the effect of Influencer Marketing will keep growing

Mr. Terzi, could you explain what the Influencer Marketing is?

B. T.: To cut it simple and clear, Influencer Marketing is a promotion of goods and services with the help of an opinion leader. It can be either a blogger, athlete,  pop-star, or a famous company; the main factor here is the area of influence, the audience. It may vary, so the audience is something that determines your choice of an influencer.

Why is it becoming increasingly popular now?

B. T.: It relates, first and foremost, with the boost of social media, Instagram and YouTube in particular. People have become immune to traditional advertising, so they’d rather focus on an influencer of their choice whose unbiased opinion they trust. I’d put it like that: Influencer Marketing is an heir to the word-of-mouth marketing, however in its new, more advanced format when the users choose the sources of the information and determine its volume themselves.

Bogdan Terzi, the business expert_ Today’s market asks for new approaches

In what way does an influencer help in promoting the brand?

B. T.: First, speaking about a specific brand, the influencer increases the awareness about it, and it never hurts to yet again remind the customer about your product. Also, if your resource is referred to by the well-established websites, this may increase dramatically the search results. Second, the opinion leaders often can think it over themselves how to demonstrate your product. You can suggest what should be emphasized, however, the general concept of presentation is figured out by the influencer who knows exactly how to create captivating and creative content for his or her target audience. Third, it is very efficient to involve the opinion leader for eliminating negativity. If you need to address the situation when someone cast a negative light on your brand or you need to bust the myth about its hazardous nature or disadvantages, the influencer can fix it. And your major outcome here is higher sales and more audience’s trust.

“Use bloggers in your advertising campaign”, suggests Bogdan Terzi, the marketing expert and business expert. 

Bogdan Terzi, the business expert_ Almost every industry-specific sector has its influencers

Could you give some tips to those who are going to use this marketing tool to promote their brand?

B. T.: The cooperation with bloggers can become extremely efficient, so I’d suggest starting with it. When selecting one, focus on your target audience. Pay attention to an average number of views of the YouTube channel and likes on Instagram. Use special services – they will help you verify if the blogger uses any cheats for the number of subscribers/followers, likes, and comments. Don’t forget to negotiate the “best-before” terms of the post. And one more tip – small and medium-size bloggers are the best option. And it’s not because placement with the top-bloggers is expensive. Using several middle-ranking bloggers instead of one much-hyped (for the same money) will decrease the risk of missing your target audience.

Mr. Terzi, thanks for sharing your professional opinion with us. Good luck to you and much success to your company!

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