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Elvira Gavrilova: what a personal brand is, and what is it eaten with?

Elvira Gavrilova


Elvira Gavrilova: what a personal brand is, and what is it eaten with?

Today everyone is talking about a personal brand. Insta bloggers, politicians, royalties have a personal brand, and of course, the marketers who create it also have a personal brand.

We talked to Elvira Gavrilova, co-owner of the Amillidius international marketing company, chief editor and owner of the international Fostylen gloss, an Instagram blogger with more than a hundred thousand followers. Elvira is a journalist by education, but the girl doesn’t forget about creativity in her life. She is the owner of the NANOJY women’s clothing brand.

Today Elvira Gavrilova told us about what a personal brand is and what is it eaten with.

“Personal branding is an image that develops about you in the professional community. And anything may be behind this image: belonging to a certain company, special skills, and abilities, strong personal qualities. First of all, it’s worth noting that a personal brand consists of reputation – that’s the foundation. And secondly, coverage is no less important. This implies that it is very important that you are spoken about as much and as often and in an exclusively positive way. Statistics show that choosing to create a personal brand often depends on the field of activity. Thus, about 86% of employees working in the field of finance, about 84% in science and pharmaceuticals, 82% of those employed in providing services for business, and about 81% of retail workers are willing to invest in the creation and development of a personal brand.

For the first time, the term “personal brand” was used by the American journalist Tom Peters in 1997. Since then, the US business market has been actively “giving birth” to personal brands – Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson – any successful professional in their field who managed to develop and sell their image.

Today in business all processes are rapidly changing, including personal brand creation, despite the fact that this direction has appeared relatively recently. The more professionals think about building a personal brand, the fiercer the competition becomes, and the more effort it takes to succeed in this matter.

When building a personal brand, the first thing to remember is that reputation is very important. It applies to both real life and personal pages on social networks. Today, it’s enough to repost dubious news or indicate your presence in public pages with inappropriate content, so that to be attacked with criticism. Even a sloppy and thoughtless statement can undermine the reputation of a successful personal brand. Remember, whatever you do, be honest with yourself and your subscribers. As soon as acquaintances or just followers convict you of a lie, consider your personal brand the end. There are no exceptions to this rule. And don’t forget how important your emotional appeal as a brand is. Let your thoughts, words, and actions play into the hands of the empathy of others. Try to make sure that your professional activities and your personality inspire admiration, respect, and reliability in those around you.

If you have no idea how to create and develop a personal brand, then you may order its creation from professionals. At Amillidius, we know how to implement this process from scratch.

Remember: your personal brand is your face, your reputation. Plan, dream, because without far-reaching plans and a strong personal brand, it is impossible to become a sought-after professional. So, you need to start today! ” – says Elvira Gavrilova.

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