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Eriztina’s Life – a film with a new perspective on the social problem by the production studio of AC Amillidius

Eriztina's Life - the premiere of a short film by Amillidius production is scheduled for 2021


Eriztina’s Life – a film with a new perspective on the social problem by the production studio of AC Amillidius

The shooting of the short film «Eriztina’s life» started this winter in Odessa. The producer of this independent non-commercial project is not a renown movie production, but an international advertising company. AC «Amillidius» provides a wide range of marketing services to its customers from different countries. But its speciality is the creation and promotion of brands on the Web, where video content plays an important role. «Amillidius» production employs true professionals of their art – directors, camerapeople, scriptwriters, video designers, who are capable of performing most complex technical tasks. They have long ago started broadening their horizons and going beyond standard frameworks. The creative team is experienced in creating entertaining videos, TV shows, and music videos. Movie-making has become a new step in the development of «Amillidius» production studio.

«Amillidius» makes a film – «Eriztina’s life» tells the audience about the price of mistakes people make

Elvira Gavrilova and Bogdan Terzi started their work on the film Eriztina's life

It is not the usual movie. First, it is the project with a deep social message on the alarming topic of drug abuse. Second, it is an original idea – the film «Eriztina’s life» is not going to show actors’ play in its common sense. The focal point here is the hands and arms of the central character. The close-up on hands and arms will show the audience all key moments of Eriztina’s life, her desires and actions, her joy, pain, and frustration. It is a complicated task for the entire crew but the creative group accepts this challenge. The project’s producer Elvira Gavrilova wrote a script. It will be pursued by the project team, led by the head of AC “Amillidius” Bogdan Terzi, who is the film director. Elvira’s producing experience, comprising many social and TV projects, along with Bogdan’s directing experience (he’s made many videos for Amillidius customers) will help to fulfil the idea with ultimate accuracy.

Vasif Ibrahimov, the director of photography at «Amillidius» production studio, is ready to demonstrate the entire range of his capabilities on the film set. And the leading role in “Eriztina’s life” movie went to the Ukrainian film and theatre actress Milena Kompaniets. Her arms and hands will tell the story of Eriztina, the logline of which sounds as «The life of a student – parties, night clubs, sex, and drugs. But sooner or later, for everything, she must pay». For every scene to look ultimately realistic and to achieve the necessary effect, the authors of “Eriztina’s life” movie use the recommendations of professional consultants: psychologists, doctors, police officers. The production team decided to place filming in Odessa and sponsor it at Amillidius’ own expense.

Eriztina’s Life as a warning for those who live for one day

Speaking about the project, its producer Elvira Gavrilova emphasizes its significant social mission: «In 2020, we decided to focus every 10th video by Amillidius production on the social topics. This is our contribution to the society’s development and addressing global challenges. One of such challenges is drug abuse – the topic we brought to the spotlight in our first film. Drugs hit the youth worst of all, while these people are expected to change the world for the better. Instead, they are just wasting their lives».

Amillidius production makes a socially meaningful movie in Odessa

Without any sugarcoating, “Eriztina’s life” will show the threats challenging a person, who doesn’t care about herself. Giving no thought to possible consequences, a young student spends nights, seeking dubious pleasures and the drug “drive”. However, once her reckless youth is over, she gains professional ambitions and wants to create a family. Love, marriage, and long-expected pregnancy…Eriztina’s life seems to be full of joy. However, it’s just an illusion – the long drug abuse results in a miscarriage, while endless fights with the husband ruin their marriage. Self-pity and feeling misplaced push the young woman back to drugs. What way out will Eriztina find? If any? Wait and find the answers to these questions after the premiere Amillidius has scheduled for the first quarter of 2021. Meanwhile, the future viewers can learn more about the movie, visiting the official website of the project «Eriztina’s life», where they can meet the crew and see photos and videos from the film set.

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